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Day 3: Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix

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Snack time today at work!

The fun thing about this venture is that I don’t have to make all of my pumpkin meals.  Other people can make the pumpkin.  I can buy the pumpkin.  And I can go out to a restaurant and savor someone else’s pumpkin.

A few months back one of my coworkers recommend Nature Box to me for a very specific snack I was looking for.  I find the snacks to be hit or miss: some I wish I could go out to the store and buy more of, while the others I wish I could return to sender.  This month I received their Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix.  But you didn’t guess it had dark chocolate or dried berries in it!

– dark chocolate chips
– dried cranberries, grapes (hehe, raisins), cherries, AND blueberries
– cashews
– soy nuts
– almonds
– sunflower seeds
and the star of the show

This is one of the nature box snacks I wish I could run out and get.  Alas, maybe next month.


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