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Day 12: Pumpkin Beer

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Yesterday I passed up pumpkin pancakes because I’m not much of a pancake person, but I should have done it, because the brunch I had instead was subpar.  So maybe next weekend I’ll make some pumpkin pancakes with either apples or bananas.

So what was my pumpkin of the day?  PUMPKIN BEERS!

I went out to dinner with friends and there were 2 different pumpkin beers on the menu, both of which were better than the RJ Rockers pumpkin beer I tried last weekend.

The waiter suggested that I try the Doghead Fish Punkin Ale because it’s made with real pumpkin … pumpkin meat to be precise.  It was good and light but I didn’t really taste any pumpkin.  If I’m going to be that girl that eats and drinks all of the pumpkin things, well, it should taste like pumpkin.  apparently it’s brewed with pumpkin and brown sugar and other delicious spices.  But I didn’t taste much of it.

The other beer I tried was the Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale.  It apparently has no actual pumpkin but it does of flavor hints of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  I thought it was DELICIOUS and pumpkiny but not in a pumpkin pie way.  I had two of these and they were great.  NOTE: don’t confuse this with the Smashed Pumpkin beer that shipyard makes which has 9.0% alc/vol.  Might knock you on your ass, but I’m sure it’s delicious too.


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